Lost Memories of the Past…

Lost memories of the Past...

Discovering the Lost memories of the Past.. @ Moti Talao, Sawantvadi

With the changing seasons,
we also have changed,
only things that remain with us,
are the lost memories of the past…

Left behind on the floating memories,
are the reflections of our downs,
accompanied by our ups,
leaving us to discover the treasures of our past,
like a floating body of water,
are our lost memories of the past…

Those big moments of the past,
after years of fading away,
have become nothing but small ripples along the coast of the centerized dominant past,
left alone to wander about,
to float away on a never sinking raft..

Our body has grown,
so has our bag of memories,
but deep under we can find the wounds still lying in the same spot,
Carrying the burden of the lost memories of the past…

Over the years,
children have been born,
adults have died,
but all that we are left with,
are the lost memories of the past…

Here I am on a lake in Sawantvadi,
with my dad and his elder brother,
watching them discover their lost treasures,
floating on the lake and along the bridge,
dedicated to Kavi Vasant Sawant..
floating among their lost memories of the past…

– Ojas D. Sawant

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