The forgotten one…

Once when the “little” you, were new to this “big” world,

everything around you seemed to be strange and unusual,

I was right there with you to support you,

because you were the one, my one and only precious pearl.


When you were small,

and when I  was your only friend,

and there was no one else at all,

it was only you at one, and me at the other end.

I was there right by you,

to listen to you, to calm you down,

to guide you when no one else was around.


Gone are those times,

when you used to play with me,

Gone are those times,

when you used to talk just to me,

What has happened to you?

Why have you forgotten me?


This unknown world,

will always remain so,

the time will change, the world will also,

but i will never leave you alone,

will  give you the confidence to fight the unknown,

to bare the pain from the strange known,

to stitch everything that is shattered and torn,

to make you forget your loss- your pain,

to make you cherish only and only what you’ve gained.


I am and will always be there with you,

I have forgiven and will always forgive you,

Time has changed, so has the world,

in this fast paced life, you too have become dull.


I beg you,

just bring everything to a halt,

Just close your eyes and listen to your heart,

you will always find me there waiting to hear from you,

I am no God,

no one special, no book that can be found on a shelf,

just your Inner Voice, your one and only, “Inner Self“….




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