Essential parts of my change…

Days have swiftly passed,

Nights have quietly swept,

After every noisy sunrise,

there has been a peaceful sunset.


Days are passing by,

with the blink of an eye,

every now and then,

people are entering our lives,

people are exiting our lives,

only few make a mark,

that remains with us every minute, every second…


Places change,

environments change,

people change,

does it mean we too should change?


We are here- all changed,

due to the change that has made the present,

different from our past,

Should we continue to live with this change?

should we forget the chain of changes,

that has led us to this change?


Every change carries a burden,

to every change there is a string of moments attached,

incidents, characters, and a couple of opinions,

arguments, fights and a tincture of memories which are impossible to get detached.


“They” say I have forgotten “them”,

“They” say I am changed,

I say “i” don’t get time,

really do “i”? or am I just ignoring “them”?


We brush because we have to,

we write because we ought to,

then why can’t I remember even once,

to exchange a few words with those unforgettable “them”?


to those who are bound to my chain of changes,

to those who will always be a part of this change,

I have not forgotten “them”

my closest friends Akhil, Ashok,

Amandeep, Mohit and Hussain…




Kuwait, December 2009

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We are here for a reason…..

We are here for a reason,

experiencing different aspects of life,

part by part and season by season…


We are here not just to study,

not just to party, not just to be with a buddy,

but we are here for a reason,

to which only we can answer ourself and not any other living body…


There has to be a reason to be angry,

to be sad, to be jealous and to be happy,

there has to be a reason to be what you ought to be…


we strive and we struggle,

we fall and then we stand,

we lose and then we win, for what?

we do so not just for ourself neither for anyone else,

but for a plain simple reason,


we are here… for a reason…

we fight for a reason,

we cry for a reason,

we demand for a reason,

we lie for a reason,

we do so, for what?

for earning wealth?

to find happiness?

eventually to survive?

but survive for what?


for a reason,

we are here.. for a reason…

Yes we are part of a life cycle,

a cycle where there is always a start to every end,

but we are here for a reason,

not just to deliver but to achieve what we are here for,

we are here… for a reason…

we are here… for a reason…




Kuwait, December 2010

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