A Ray of Hope…

Amidst the lonely darkness,
I m searching for a ray of hope,
Entangled in this darkness of problems,
Hoping to get pulled out somehow by an angel with a rope

Darkness is all around,
Hindering my thoughts,
Stopping me from seeing the world beyond,
To cross this darkness is all that I want

This is the way life is,
I have to learn to accept it,
But is this what life actually is?
Forcing me to look down and sit?

I agree I m not alone,
You and me are sailing on the same boat,
But I can see the other side through the edges of the cone,
At those to me who are linkless nodes.

God has showed me a way in,
To find a way out,
I have become deaf to hear any sound,
Blind with the darkness all around

To get a taste of success,
I look up,
And get inspired by a successful person.
Now at this moment to satisfy myself,
I look down,
At a person who is born in and for-living in darkness.

I compare myself,
To a person whose days are same as nights,
For him burden is his life,
There is no way out,
What can he do-yell, cry or shout?

Where there is a will,
There is a way,
Not at the earth’s core,
Not in space,
There is hope- a ray,
Let it be on the top of the hill,
But there is always a way,
Let it be far away,
I can enlighten myself someday,

With hope…

A ray of hope…

A Ray of Hope....

Purdue University Campus, Fall 2010



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